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Pinocchio Piccolo
Pinocchio Piccolo - handmade venetian masquerade mask
Sale price: $75.00

Our 'Pinocchio Piccolo' was created to celebrate the traditional and classic character of Pinocchio. This mask reflects more the original character. Pinocchio Piccolo has a white face that is slightly stained for greater interest, hand painted black hair and facial features, pink cheeks, a bright red smile, and a hat that is yellow and red in color, with real gold leaf accents. This mask can be worn as it features two ribbons on mask sides which tie around one's head or can be hung from the wall as it features a tab for easy hanging. This mask measures 11 x 6.5 inches.

All our items are handmade, hand-painted, hand-signed and shipped from Venice, Italy (in beautiful decorative Venetian paper). We hand create every piece, therefore ensuring and controlling the quality of our art. Everything is unique, original and one of a kind.

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